LA is home.. For now.

LA is a cool laid back culture permeates the very streets of places such as Ventura, Santa Monica or Oceanside. I use to get around these parts of the city. Traffic can be a nightmare. It can be crazy but for the most part the people are laid back, could be due to the sea salt in the air, definitely due to the wonderfully interesting people from around the globe, those who moved to turn a dream of living in Southern California into a reality.

World cultures are shared and new cultures are formed with the gorgeous natural backdrop as a medium for transition. Suits, khakis and dress shirts mesh with sandals tank tops and tattoos, BMW’s share the road with pawn shop bikes on a daily, business is more for play, classical combines with hip hop reggae and rock. The atmosphere is primarily composed of peace love and fun because everyone enjoys being part of that long stretch of coast some call SoCal.

Big money makers find themselves side by side to entrepreneur hammock layers on taco Tuesdays or any Saturday. There are tons of bars, clubs, and dining options, allowing a person to partake in whatever type of experience they fancy, from burgers to sushi, karaoke dive joints to uptown downtown classy, and everything in between. For those of us who like a good show, every weekend there are up and coming artists at open mic bars and cafes waiting for their deal, and live concerts basically at will as favorite entertainers are sure to be passing through soon.

If you appreciate a good painting, keep a look out for world class street art lining alley ways, under bridges and on public walls, and make sure to snap pictures because the paint may be gone or different next time you come around. There are renowned museums to educate and spark interesting conversations among the divers group of community members, and must visit landmarks like Venice and Balboa Park which bring in millions of tourists annually, great for anyone trying to make a name for themselves in their craft or profession. And, if you are feeling crazy, you can stop in at a bar for an Adios MF and go skinning dipping in the Pacific with a career professional tattooed rebel beauty.

It’s like a recipe for grandeur. Golden beaches, one of a kind culture, stunning sun kissed women (or hunky men, depending). These ingredients make Southern California iconic and a spectacular place to visit or call home.

Yep Socal is where it is at

Southern California is a place unlike any other. I’ve lived in Seattle, Eureka, Ventura, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Houston, and its now hard to live anywhere else besides Southern Cali. I even moved back to Seattle a couple of years ago, but found myself quite literally dreadfully missing something. I moved back to Oceanside and realized what that missing something was: a long stretch of land, Santa Barbara to San Diego, the one of a kind culture of people, beautiful coasts and climate raising the bar of living weekdays to weekends. Glimmering beaches validate the nickname, the Sunshine State. The allure is real, so if you’re looking for one of the coolest pieces of paradise in America, especially during a Spring or Summer day, Southern California is the destination.

I’ll start with the beach life, because let’s face it, it is near Heavenly. If you have experienced it, you know what I’m talking about, if you haven’t I’ll wish it for you. Words can hardly explain the peace that comes from emerging from the cold Pacific and laying in the hot sand, skin soaking in the rays, positioning scrunching and raising your clothes to tan the parts of your body that rarely see light. Doesn’t matter whether you’re with a group of friends sneaking beers from a cooler or solo enjoying the ambiance, single looking to meet someone in a bikini, trunks or a speedo if you’re into that, or in a relationship and just enjoying the scenery, the fun is ever present. Swimming past the breaks and floating around until you get hungry or cold so you body surf a nice wave to shore and eat a turkey lettuce and tomato sandwich then swig a hidden flask a few times hoping patrol didn’t notice that harmless act. Watching the surfers and skim boarders fall and think, I wonder if they are embarrassed. Stand up paddle boarding in a marina, kayak next to a dolphin who probably shouldn’t be so close to shore. Find sea shells and mail them to a friend or toss a Frisbee or football, build sand castles and watch all the kids look in wonder. Meet like minded strangers who may become good friends, or walk the brink between land and sea for as long as your feet can carry. Or, simply relax tranquilly with a beach umbrella by the sound of crashing waves and admire the babes. The best part is that, for over half of the year, the sun blazes the sky, brightening moods and whispering, go to the ocean. It seems even during the coldest days, knowing the warm beach is just around the corner brings an odd sense of fulfillment and even hope.


What is there to talk about these days…. oh I don’t know maybe surfing. That’s all I think about everyday. See women say the only thing men think about is sex and that is completely false. If we thought about sex all the time then when could we surf. Well ok sex and surf rate of there at the top of my list of things to do talk about and read about. And food of course, I mean really those are the only 3 things that really matter.

Currently I am living in SOCAL, surfing malibu, county line, Topanga beach, and Leo Carillo. Those are my favor spots at this point being new to the area. Last week we have a solid 6 foot swell come through, and it help strong for 3 days and then 3-4 feet for the rest of the week. For SOCAL that is pretty good. I took out my 6’6″ gun and ripped it, such a good time, the waves were consistent and pumping all day. It reminded me of Nicaragua there for a day or two.

You can’t have it all, all the time or else the good times wouldn’t be good you know. I remember we had a lowell for a couple of weeks so when that swell came along I could barely sleep, and I mean barely, like 3 hours I was so excited. I rolled out with my buddy Makunday, man we were charging it super hard, we each caught 10 waves I would say. Which is beyond epic for SOCAL. Some other good spots to check out is upper and lower trestles, ¬†churches, and pretty much anywhere south of Laguna beach, there are so many sweet spots down there, wow. And not to mention how beautiful the place is. My good buddy lives right in the bay in the middle of town. His house looks over the beach. I sleep outside under the stars every time I stay there, It is so nice!

SOCAL surf can be a lot of fun. Right now actually EL Nino is starting to come in, this is actually a really good sign for california for a couple of reasons. For one it means the water is going to stay warm all winter. And when I say warm I mean 65-70 degrees, it usually drops to 50 degrees or so. The storm is also projected to produce a lot of storms which equals lots of waves. It is also going to rain a lot which Cali needs bad as you all have heard. This will just make all of the conditions down in SOCAL awesome this winter I can’t wait.

I always bring at least three boards when I come to southern california for a few reasons, the first and most important is you never know how big the waves are going to be, ever. Even when surfline has said the waves are going to be huge I have paddled out to find no waves at all. If I only have my short board I would be screwed but instead I had my fish so still catch the smaller waves.